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Dartside, Logo

Layton Hills Mall

1201 N. Hill Field Rd
Layton, UT 84041
(Second floor above Dick's Sporting Goods)




FUN FUN FUN!! I have a 15yr old, 12, 10 and 7, including us parents, we ALL have an amazing family time here at Dartside, we love coming during school breaks, and I love the laughs, the scares, and excitement of competition, and caught by surprise action that goes into the arena, great atmosphere! Positive Fun Vibes I get here, we will be continuing to come back, such a blast for the entire family! No age limit on the fun everyone has here!

Cindy Pfarr.    On Dartside Facebook April 8, 2018


This place was loads of fun for the adults and kids. The staff was super helpful. They made sure even the littlest ones understood how to play. Kids were hot, sweaty, and all smiles! Bonus: kids slept great that night.

Ina L Castillo.    On Dartside Facebook March 31, 2018


Each time we've been to Dartside we've had so much fun. We had a wide range of ages, from 2 years old to 85 years old and each one had a great time. Thanks for some good memories with family and friends!

My only suggestion and nothing I'd take a star away for is at the the birthday parties hand out the discount coupons to the parent host at the first of the party. When we got ours at checkout at the end of our party all of our guests had already left so we couldn't give them out to friends. We still had a great time though.

Brandi M.    On Dartside Facebook May 24, 2017


Never in my life have I had so much fun in a place like this. We did this for my Son's 8th birthday party and everyone had a blast. Even one of my nephews wants his birthday there now because of his experience. Pricing was decent and there is a section for little kids ages 1 to 6. Definitely will be going back.

Chris H.    On Dartside Facebook December 12, 2016


This place is awesome. The most cardio I've had in years and I loved it! We had a company event here and got to pick eachother off for an hour. I can't express in words how much fun we had. Come try it out, you won't regret it.

Johnathan C.    On Dartside Facebook December 27, 2016


So freaking fun! I'm over 40 and had a blast shooting the little kids.

Becky C.    On Dartside Facebook May 26, 2016
Layton, UT


Just had my son's birthday party there! He loved it! He didn't want to leave!

Jovana T.    On Dartside Facebook May 28, 2016
Layton, UT

Event Ideas

Youth Groups- Youth Groups and Scout Groups come play at a discounted rate during the week

Date Night - The two of you or maybe a group of friends

Day Date - Start your day date day at dartside

Office Party - Bring in the team to come and have a great time.

Family Reunion - Bring everyone during regular hours or book a private event   

Singles Groups - Adult Singles & Youth Singles Groups

Sport Teams - Sports, Debate, Clubs, and other group organizations

Tournament - Every third Tuesday of the month.

Dartside Games

Nerf War

Kaden and Cake

Dartside Arena

Kaden and Kenlee in the Arena

Kids With Birthday Cake and Balloons

Man Aiming Nerf Gun Hail of Nerf Bullets Battle in the Dartside Arena
3 Kids With Nerf Guns